About us

Wireline Trucks and Equipment

Our entire fleet of Wireline Trucks went through a complete 200 point inspection and were completely refurbished by Texas Wireline in Fort Worth within the last 6 months.

Wireline Engineers

Our Wireline Engineers have an average of 16 years of experience in the Permian Basin


We have a best in class maintenance program that drives down delays because of equipment failure, multiple backup tools on each truck and reserve a quick response wireline truck for every 4 trucks out in the field for any unforeseeable problems. Additionally, for every 4 wireline trucks out on the job we reserve an additional quick response truck for any problems. The schedule below will outline our maintenance program.

Downhole Tools are redressed after every job and sent for inspection to Probe every 6 months.

Wireline Trucks go through a 40 point inspection and are washed before they leave the yard for a job and are inspected by Texas Wireline on an annual basis.

Cranes go through a 20 point inspection and are washed before they leave the yard for a job and are certified on an annual basis.

Pressure Control Equipment is redressed on a weekly basis to insure quality and are certified on an annual basis.

Our Commitment to Safety

We have engaged an industry leading consultant with 40 years of experience to manage our HSE program which includes monthly site visits, training, internal and external 3rd party inspections as well as financial incentives for operating safely. We have partnered with CMI for our exemplary substance abuse program, Axiom for managed medical that monitors and provides the best outcomes in the unlikely event of an injury and have a complete and comprehensive Safety Environmental Management Program/Operations (SEMP/OPS)
manual built on real-world experience and exceeds compliance to regulations.

ISN (400-235887)

account is complete with 23 training programs approved with scheduled training modules